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How To Become A Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 11/06/2020 - 9:00 AM PST

Get ready to become more valuable!
People are always talking about how you must have a competitive advantage. One advantage that I have benefited from  handsomely since 2010, are my MOS and MCT certifications.
In this webinar I will show you exactly how to prepare for and pass the MOS certification exams and earn your MOS badge.

Excel Formatting Skills 9/25/2020

Never let the end-user assume anything!
Your spreadsheets must be easy to understand. Formatting helps you ensure your spreadsheet's success.
Wow! 4.6 billion color variations! With so many colors, and formatting groups like Font, Alignment, Numbers, you can ensure that your spreadsheet will attract attention to the right places.

Follow along with this Excel Formatting Skills Workbook

Excel PivotTable Power Tips  9/09/2020

No fluff here, just skills! 
As many of you have requested, we are going to get BASIC in this session. The focus will be building your first PivotTable from an Excel workbook that we will provide so that you can follow along and enjoy it.

Calculating Your Data - Ease Into Functions - 8/28/2020

What Is A Function? Preprogrammed Formulas - Excel Does The Math - Check it out!
You can manually do the math, or you can have Excel do the math. Which would you prefer?
Ever hear of the SUM? What about the AVERAGE? You must have heard of the COUNT?
What are they? These are functions in Excel. Think of functions as preprogrammed formulas.

Calculating Your Data - 8/19/2020

Write Formulas That Make You Genius Like.
Before we can learn how to build formulas in Excel, we better remember some basic math. Like, the Order of Operations.
People work for years in Excel and faint when I introduce them them to their new friend, F4.
Let's learn some fundamentals of formula building and formulate your success!

Follow along with this Excel workbook.

Building Your Worksheet - 8/07/2020 - 54 MINUTES

Learn how to tame the "World's Most Dangerous Program."
Come on now! There's the "I'm building good worksheets, and figuring it out along the way" Excel user. Then there is the "I love Excel" power user. Which one are you? Most users are self taught, the Excel power users have wisely used their time to get some BASIC skills and crush their learning curve.

Follow along with this workbook.

Elements of the Excel Screen - Click This Do What? - 7/29/2020

Elements of the Excel Screen - Click This Do What?
To be great at Excel, you have to be confident about where you are clicking on the screen. It takes years off your learning curve when you can navigate Excel with ease.

After this 38-minute session, you will have the confidence you need to start winning at Excel!  

Follow along with this worksheet.

Excel PivotTable - 7/15/2020

Excel PivotTable - The Filter On Steroids - Summarize, Visualize, Analyze! 
The PivotTable is a great tool that makes it easy for you to summarize large amounts of data into a dynamic and easily modified report.
In this webinar we learned what a PivotTable is, how to make one, and some Power Tips and Tricks.

Here is the spreadsheet we used, so that you can follow along.

Easy Excel Macros - 6/24/2020

What is a MACRO?
A macro is a recording of a set of steps that you can run as many times as you want. When you create a macro, you are recording your mouse clicks and keystrokes. After you create a macro, you can edit it to make minor changes to the way it works, and create buttons and shortcuts to run it.

Follow along with this spreadsheet. It is the one used to record two macros.