Excel Easy Workshops

Excel Easy Workshops

Curated Library Of The Excel Easy Workshop Series - You will find all the replays and be able to download the Excel workbooks used in the workshops.

What Will You Find Here?

This is a monthly updated collection of Excel Easy Workshops. These workshops take place about every 10 to 14 days and cover requested, new, and popular Excel topics. During these workshops, participants are encouraged to ask questions and join in. We have fun and learn!

Excel Easy Workshop Library

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Paulette Brown Brown

7 Steps to Excel

Fun teacher. I learned a lot, Would definitely recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn Excel.

3 years ago

Billy "Mr. Aloha" Wigley

Meet Billy "Mr. Aloha" Wigley, the AI Strategy Consultant for Business Leaders | Artificial Intelligence and Excel Expert. With his entrepreneur status, MCT credentials, and over 25 years of leadership experience, Billy has empowered thousands of professionals to reach their maximum potential. He's not just a consultant, but a passionate AI champion who is devoted to unlocking your skills and taking you beyond your perceived limits. 

Billy's digital classroom boasts over 80,000 active online students who benefit from his extensive AI and Excel knowledge. His multicultural background and fluency in both English and Spanish enable him to connect with professionals worldwide. 

Wherever you are in the world, Billy is available during regular office hours to guide you toward an effective AI Strategy. So why wait? Let Mr. Aloha lead the way and let's get started on your journey towards AI aided success.

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