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Course Summary

Are you looking to level up your Excel skills and master Excel Macros quickly? Welcome to "Level Up Your Excel Skills - Excel Macros Micro Excel Course," your one-stop guide to automating tasks and boosting productivity in Excel in just 50 minutes!

This fast-paced course is perfect for Excel users of all levels—whether you're a beginner, a business professional, or even a data analyst. Our hands-on lessons walk you through the fundamentals of Excel Macros, from recording your first macro to understanding advanced multi-step automations. Learn how to make Excel work for you, automating repetitive tasks to save valuable time.

Bonus: Exclusive Access to Kapaa, Your AI-Powered Excel Co-pilot! Upon enrollment, you'll get exclusive access to "Kapaa," an AI-powered assistant designed to answer all your Excel Macro-related questions instantly. And of course, I'm always available to assist with your Excel and AI queries.

Key Features: 

  • Macro Basics: Understand what macros are and how they can simplify your daily Excel tasks. 
  • Quick Macro Recording: Learn how to record and execute your first macro in minutes. 
  • Advanced Techniques: Delve into multi-step macros and various execution methods for enhanced automation. 
  • Security Essentials: Get equipped with the knowledge to safely use macros, avoiding common security pitfalls. 
  • AI Integration: Discover how AI tools like Chat GPT can amplify your Excel coding capabilities.  

By the end of this micro course, you'll be well-equipped to automate your Excel tasks, enhance productivity, and handle data like a pro—all in under an hour! Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your Excel skills and transform your workflow. Enroll now!

Course Curriculum

Billy "Mr. Aloha" Wigley

Meet Billy "Mr. Aloha" Wigley, the AI Strategy Consultant for Business Leaders | Artificial Intelligence and Excel Expert. With his entrepreneur status, MCT credentials, and over 25 years of leadership experience, Billy has empowered thousands of professionals to reach their maximum potential. He's not just a consultant, but a passionate AI champion who is devoted to unlocking your skills and taking you beyond your perceived limits. 

Billy's digital classroom boasts over 80,000 active online students who benefit from his extensive AI and Excel knowledge. His multicultural background and fluency in both English and Spanish enable him to connect with professionals worldwide. 

Wherever you are in the world, Billy is available during regular office hours to guide you toward an effective AI Strategy. So why wait? Let Mr. Aloha lead the way and let's get started on your journey towards AI aided success.

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Benjamin Pacheco

Macros Made Fun in the Lone Star State!

Howdy from Dallas, TX! Never thought I'd say this, but I had a blast learning Excel Macros! The course? Top-notch with a side of awesomeness. The instructor's got skills that'd make a cowboy tip his hat. And Kapaa, the AI buddy? That's some high-tech help right there, y'all! It's like having a Macro guru in your back pocket. If you're looking to spice up your Excel game, this is it. Trust me, it's more fun than a Texas rodeo!

7 months ago
Armentario Samaniego

¡Excelente Curso de Macros!

Desde España, ¡qué experiencia tan increíble con este curso de Macros de Excel! El instructor es un maestro en el tema, y su manera de enseñar es clara y atractiva. Pero lo que realmente me sorprendió fue Kapaa, el copiloto AI. Siempre disponible para resolver cualquier duda sobre macros. Aprendí muchísimo, y de manera rápida. ¡Lo recomiendo totalmente! ??

7 months ago
An Jen

Excel-lent & Efficient!

Simply put, this Excel Macros course was a game-changer. Instructor's expertise? Top-notch. Kapaa, the AI assistant? Absolute lifesaver. Learned heaps, fast. Highly recommend! ????

7 months ago
An Chiang

Macros Magic - Kapaa, the Excel Wizard!

Who knew Excel Macros could be this fun? Just wrapped up the course and wow, it's like finding cheat codes for Excel! The instructor is a total Excel ninja, making tricky stuff look easy. But the real MVP? Kapaa, the AI sidekick - it's like having a mini Excel wizard in your pocket. Ask Kapaa anything about macros, and boom, you've got answers faster than I can say "pivot table." Highly recommend if you want to up your Excel game and share some laughs with a virtual genius. Two thumbs and a spreadsheet up! ????

7 months ago
Jordan Smith

Excel Macros Mastery - A Game Changer!

As someone who just completed the "Excel Macros Micro Excel Course," I am beyond thrilled to share my experience. Firstly, the instructor's mastery of the subject and engaging teaching style made complex concepts seem like a breeze. The course content, from macro basics to advanced techniques, was meticulously crafted and incredibly easy to follow. But, the real game-changer for me was "Kapaa," the AI-powered copilot. Having Kapaa available 24/7 to answer any Excel Macro queries was like having a personal tutor at my fingertips. This feature not only enhanced my learning experience but also provided a unique, interactive way to understand and apply the concepts. Overall, this course is a must for anyone looking to elevate their Excel skills swiftly and efficiently. I've gained so much in just under an hour, and I can confidently say that my productivity and Excel proficiency have significantly improved. Thank you for this fantastic learning journey! ?????

7 months ago

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$124.99 USD

    • Exclusive Access to Kapaa, Your AI-Powered Excel Co-pilot - Available 24/7!
    • Training from a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
    • Completion Certificate with MCID
    • Access to your MCT (Valued at $265/hour)
    • Excel Quick Start Guide
    • Excel for MAC Quick Start Guide
    • 10 essential Windows keyboard shortcuts
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