⚡10 Powerful Excel Features Every User Should Know ⚡

31 OCTOBER 2022 MONDAY, 08:30 AM PDT

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If You Don't Know These 10 Powerful Features, You're Missing Out On A Major Advantage!

Discover The Power Of This Amazing

Tool… And Start Using It TODAY!

This workshop is a guide for all users of Excel, whether you are experienced or new to the program.
We cover many features that you may not be familiar with and provide you with a few tips to help you become more productive in your work.
Excel has so many amazing features that you will wonder why you didn’t know about them sooner. After this workshop, you will be able to do more than you ever thought possible with this software.

Learn Excel Power Shortcuts, Tips, and Tricks

I know you're probably thinking "I don't need to know about Excel." But you do.
If you want to increase your productivity and earning potential.
From Advanced Data Analysis to Consolidating your Spreadsheet Reports… Here's What You're Missing Out On!
Click on any of the topics to expand its contents.

  • Quit wasting time summing your sheets individually.
  • SUM multiple sheets just using your mouse!
  • 3D Referencing without formulas!
  • Combine data from multiple sheets into one.
  • Find the secret, Camera Tool in Excel.
  • Work with your data in one worksheet, and view on another.
  • Bring your charts to life.
  • Make a diagram to build a winning plan.
  • It's just like using an app on your smartphone!
  • Put charts inside of single cells.
  • Win/Loss, Column, and Line charts.
  • The Easy way to highlight your KPI's.
  • Learn to create your own RULE!
  • Did you know Excel has built-in AI?
  • Charts, Tables, and Analysis - made for you.
  • Insert your desired results, and that's it - done!
  • =(A2*B2) or =PRICE*TAX - change the way you program Excel.
  • Defined Range examples.
  • Easily move text values from one cell and combine with text from other cells - no formula!
  • Put your data in the right place, fast.
  • Need a Geographic representation of your data? Easy, insert a map!
  • Track multiple stock metrics in real-time.
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