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November 21st - 25th

The Live Sessions! Monday thru Friday. Each Class is 1.5 hrs. First Class is Free!

5 Days of Excel Basics Training
Class opens at 8:45 AM - Class starts at 9:00 AM - Ends at 10:30 AM
US Pacific Time Zone

Day 1 -Intro - (FREE Class)
 Let's Begin By Laying A Solid Excel Skills Foundation

Here is what we will learn in this Introductory session:

Congratulations! -- Welcome!

Make sure to download the Excel workbook for this course, You will receive a download link for it in the confirmation email.

Elements of the Excel Screen - Click This Do What?

What's a Tab? Where are the tool Groups? Did you say keep the Marquee in the data? - Here is where you learn the answers to those questions and more...

Is This 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365? What's The Difference? Just Look At The Ribbon!

What version of Excel are you working in? Does it matter? Yes it does!

Saving and Compatibility

How to save and why knowing your Excel version matters.


Here is where you will discover many of the "hidden" features of Excel.

Course Curriculum

Day 2 - Step 1 and Step 2
 The 7 Steps Explained

Begin With The End In Mind - 7 Steps To Excel Success

Make sure to download the Excel workbook for this course, You will receive a download link for it in the confirmation email.

Step 1 - DESIGN - It's So Easy In The 21st Century

Templates - Learn how to to tame the "World's Most Dangerous Program."

Step 2 - BUILD - Building Your Worksheet
  • Five Things That Can Go Into An Excel Worksheet - F2 Is Your Friend 
  • Minimize Repetition - Learn The Auto Fill Handle. 
  • Learn How To Create A Create Custom Fill Series - No More Typing That List! 
  • How Many Rows and Columns In Excel? Select All And The Name Box Will Tell You 
  • Navigation Shortcuts 
  • Insert Rows and Columns Like A Professional 
  • Selecting Cells And Ranges Like a Professional 
  • Universal Shortcuts - You Probably Already Know Them And Did Not Realize It. 
  • Insert A Worksheet, Name It, Rename It, Move It 
  • Move Worksheets To Another Workbook - Make Worksheet Names Standout With Color 

 Day 3 - Step 3

Step 3 - CALCULATIONS - Add Some Calculations
  • Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally! - Time To Remember Some 5th or 6th Grade Math. 
  • Formulas - The Heartbeat Of Excel - The Cells Remain The Same What Changes Is..? 
  • You Try - Relative Referencing - Let's Keep It Relative - F4 Is Your Friend 
  • Example Of The Moment You Realize - It's Time To Start Thinking About Functions 
  • What Is A Function? Preprogrammed Formulas - Excel Does The Math - Check it out! 
  • The Most Basic Function - The AutoSum - So Much More Than Just Sum. 
  • Learn To Delegate To Excel - Just Press Alt+= - The AutoSum Power Move! 
  • Quick Overview Of The Insert Function Tool - Your Search Engine For Functions 
  • Quick Tip - Zoom To Selection 
  • Introduction to 3D Referencing - Enter Data In One Cell, It Appears In Another
  •  3D Referencing In Action
  • 3D Referencing - Formula Explained - Why Did That Work? It's All In The Set Up!
  •  Practice More 3D Referencing - Did You Know You Can Link Your Workbooks? 

 Day 4 - Step 4 and Step 5
Learn How To Make
Your Reports Pretty

Step 4 - FORMATTING -Make It Pretty For The End User. Make It easy To Understand
  • Why Format Your Data? Plus A Handy Way To Select Your Data Range - Ctrl+A 
  • Let's Get Into Some Formatting - Make It Pretty! - Pus Some Formatting Shortcuts 
  • Formatting Money - Should You Pick The Currency Method Or The Accounting Method? 
  • Alignment- Customize The Orientation Of Your Values- Use Preset Formats (Styles) 
  • The Format_Painter 
Step 5 - REPORTING - Garbage In...Garbage Out - What About Charts?
  • 7 Habits Of Efective Lists -Learn The Right Way To Set Up Your Data Effectivelly 
  • Organize And Display Data - Sort It Out- But Avoid Merged Cells 
  • Continue Sorting - Right Click To Sort - A To Z Sorting And Keeping It Together 
  • Working with Tables - Ctrl+T
  • Sometimes You Do Not Want To Show All The Data - Hide Rows And Columns With Ease
  •  The Filter That Lives A Healthy Lifestyle - Auto Filter
  •  Want To See What Your Numbers Are Saying? How About A Graphical Representation?
  •  Visualize Your Data With Charts - Insert Charts And See What Your Numbers Say
  •  Different Charts For Different Reasons - Change Chart Types - Make Them Pretty
  •  Sparklines - Miniature Charts Inside Of Your Cells - They Make People Say Wow!
Here Is What You Will Learn In The Next Class...

In the next class you will learn the 7 Steps To Excel Success, and we will cover Step 6 and Step 7.

Day 5 - Step 6 and Step 7 
You're A Winner!
Learn How To Fit to One Page And Automate Your Tasks

Step 6 - PRINTING - Learn Where The "Fit-to-One-Page" Button Is Located
  • Print Correctly - Start With a Print Preview - There Is More Than One Way 
  • Tell Excel What You Want To Print - Set The Print Area 
  • Now That Excel Knows What To Print Let's Make It All Fit To One Page 
  • Now That We Can Print Properly - How About Some Headers And Some Footers?
Step 7 - MACROS - Automation - Delegate to Excel
  • What's A Macro? 
  • Recording Your 1st Macro - Yes, It's That Easy 
  • Run Your Macro 
  • The BIG Sort Buton 
  • Wrap Up
That's it for the Basics - Next we will go Beyond the Basics!
In the next class you will take the 7 Steps To Excel Success Excel Basics skills to the next level.  

Here is a sample of what you will be doing.

  • Discovering the power of Excel Functions like: XLOOKUP, VLOOKUP, AND/OR, TODAY, and others.
  • Logical Functions like IF statements.
  • Learn how to write Nested function formulas.
  • Conditional Formatting. 
  • Advanced Reporting.
  • PivotTables.
  • Macro editing.
  • And much more...
Stay tuned for Beyond the Basics!

As soon as the Beyond the Basics curriculum is ready you will be notified.

The Best Way To Learn Is With Others. You Will Feel Excel-lent After 
Each Class!

5 - Live Excel Classes - First Class Free!


  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (Valued $165/hour)
  • Comfortable class size
  • Custom Excel Workbook (Valued at $125)
  • Unlimited access to class recording
  • 5 - 1.5 hour sessions
  • Quizzes To Confirm Your Excel Skills
  • Simple assignments to reinforce your learning
  • Access to your MCT, MOS Excel Expert Instructor (Valued at $165/hour)
  • Fill in the blank PDF
  • E-book with 338 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts (Valued at $27)
  • E-book with 227 MAC OS Excel Keyboard Shortcuts (Valued at $27)
  • Completion Certificate With MCID (Valued at $265)
  • Access to a private community