7 Steps To Excel Success

7 Steps To Excel Success - Excel Skills And Power Tips

Need to Know Excel But Have No Idea Where to Start? Discover How to Be Proficient in Excel in Only 7 Steps & Confidently Build Error-Free Spreadsheets

Course Summary

What Should I Expect from This Course?
If you’re a part of today’s workforce, chances are you’ve heard of Excel, and need to be proficient at it to perform well at your job.

But does the thought of trying to decipher what to do with all those little cells make you want to run for the hills?

You’re not alone!

Many people express that trying to learn Excel is overwhelming. Even those who use it every day confess that they have no idea how to fully utilize this tool.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

By taking 7 Steps to Excel Success - Excel Skills and Power Tips, you have a sure way to build a rock-solid foundation. This powerful tool will catapult you into the next level of Excel proficiency.

With this course, you will learn how to:
  • -Write basic formulas
  • -Understand how formulas work within Excel
  • -Create a Macro with just your mouse
  • -Access hidden features within the software
  • -Easily utilize time-saving functions (like AutoSum) to make life easier
  • -And much, much more!

Once you complete the course, you’ll be able to confidently build error-free spreadsheets by using thousands of built-in templates.

And if you want to become a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS), and watch your earning potential explode? It’s easy! Just ask your instructor--Billy Wigley, MCT, MOS Expert, and MCP, how to do it!

What Materials Are Included with the Course?
The course is skillfully designed so that you can easily follow along with a pre-formatted Excel workbook that will help to further enhance your learning potential. You’ll also be able to download the Don’t Get Mad…Get Skills! Excel Skills workbook in the very first lecture.
How Long Will It Take to Complete the Course?
You can learn the course material at your own pace, and you can ask the instructor for help when needed. Since the course is continually being improved, you can stay on track with the latest changes to Excel, and you’ll have UNLIMITED access to the course!

How is the Course Structured?
The course consists of 14 separate modules that are structured with a curriculum that takes you step-by-step to become proficient in Excel. Throughout the course, you will discover video lectures, lessons, exercises, and downloads to enhance your learning experience. If you already know certain aspects of Excel, you can easily skip around and focus only on those lessons that offer learning on the skills you want to strengthen.

Should I Take This Course?
If you’re struggling to learn key features of Excel that you need to know for your job or business, this course is for you!

7 Steps to Excel Success - Excel Skills and Power Tips was specifically prepared to help you learn, and the course material is based on feedback from thousands of students just like you.

Are You Ready to Boost Your Excel Skills?

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What a great course

5 months ago
Jennifer Villanueva

Awesome excel class

I have the bare minimum computer skills and I was able to take so much from this class. The classes are upbeat and lively. Billy makes excel fun to learn and is always there to support you along the way!

5 months ago

What Other Students Have to Say About the Course

Met all of my expectations by how Billy involves everyone and the easy way he explains everything.”

“Took the fear out of Excel…will benefit me in my job search…”

“The best instructor for career courses I’ve ever had. Billy is terrific!”

“So many functions in Excel were unknown to me before this class.”

If You’re Ready to Have a Similar Experience and You’re Ready to Learn How to Boost Your Excel Skills and Perform Better at Work, It’s Essential That You Enroll in This Course Today.

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  • Regularly updated lessons
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  • FREE access to all Get Skills! school webinars
  • One 30 minute Excel Coaching session with your instructor

Mr Aloha

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Billy Wigley is a Microsoft Office Expert in Excel. He has traveled throughout the USA, and other countries to teach Excel skills to thousands of students. In just five years, he has personally trained more than 65,000 professionals in over 100 cities. Wigley also consults with emergent business owners on their plans and projects to ensure success. With over 25 years of leadership experience, and from having resided in various cities worldwide, Wigley is well-known around the world. With his strong USA and Colombian heritage, Wigley takes pride in his multi-cultural background and being able to reach both English and Spanish speakers around the globe.

Think of Billy as your Excel coach!

Teaching these skills is all he does, and he is committed to helping students like you to achieve beyond what you believe you are capable of. He maintains regular office hours to serve his students worldwide.