Stop Googling And Get It Done!

Posted On Mar 31, 2021 |

Ever wish you could just hand your spreadsheet over to an Excel expert and have them quickly solve your Excel issue?

I feel like saying Happy New Year! 

Yes, I know that it's almost April, and I am just excited to tell you about Excelchat.

Often students ask me to look at a spreadsheet and fix it. I would love to, however, I can't because my mission is to teach you how to use the tool and help you "think" in Excel so that you can easily use Excel to accomplish your objectives. So, I have a solution for you, it's called Excelchat.

Imagine a team of Excel experts all over the world ready to help you get your Excel work done. That's Excelchat, a service designed specifically for that purpose.

Go check it out and enjoy a trial session on me.

Here is the link, enjoy!

Remember what I always say: Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!

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